Help with fixing a couple of damaged consolised MVS

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Help with fixing a couple of damaged consolised MVS

Post by BlackSpy »

Hi, I've got a couple of consolised MVS boards, a one slot and a two slot.

Both have issues that I was hoping to get some (paid) help with, ideally local to Edinburgh in Scotland but happy to post.

1 Slot
- The player two control socket has a dodgy connection on 'right'. Mostly doesn't work but sometimes it does. I think this is probably not a big job for someone that knows what they're doing and has the right tools.

2 Slot
- Right now I've got RGB out to a SCART cable, but without the audio. Ideally, I'd like to get the audio out through the SCART too. Or overhaul the whole thing to an HDMI out or whatever, but I've got a SCART to HDMI already so not a big deal either way.

Would anyone be interested in helping? I don't mind paying, I've got various posters and art sets and what have you too if that might be more interesting.
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