RIP NVS-4000-1

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RIP NVS-4000-1

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I dusted off a New Astro City cabinet that I have been sitting on for eons. I ordered in some connectors from TE, (free shipping... $12.00 worth of connectors shipped to canada in 2 days... free shipping!).. got my crimp tool, figured out the wiring for it all over again.. got a nice Jamma harness (thank you louis harness shop.. yes this project is that old)... and... hmm +6V on the 5volt line.. hit the trim... nope, locked on to 6V... 12 is bang on.. but 5.. is 6....

crack it open....



Does anyone have any schematics for this unit?
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Re: RIP NVS-4000-1

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Sell it to meeeeee, I’m in mississauga:) the cab that is
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