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Re: exA-Arcadia

Post by MrJBRPG » September 13th, 2019, 10:55 pm

Shou wrote:
September 12th, 2019, 1:20 MP
This week is GTI and TGS so not around to reply to everything.

For the concerned topics:
1. 1st lot preorders from overseas will likely get the unit before the Japanese operators
2. It’s actually going to be sold less than the Japanese price for overseas buyers
3. Patches in this run are only handled in the traditional way of updating your game via sending it in - no internet is required as such, this is manual
4. More games will be available to overseas than Japan - Japan will only get Aka & Blue at launch
5. Depending upon contents rights, versions sold in other regions may differ - they do not differ right now

It will be 1st come 1st serve when preorders go up.
We aren’t a public company with hundreds of millions USD war chest that we can use to sit on stock. Remember, even the big guys like Nintendo and Sony can’t meet launch demand ever.

I am intrigued that there is still such a thing as manual patching, by sending the game to the manufacturer to write the old data with new data to target cartridge. That kind has almost gotten carried away thanks to wireless patching.

Anyways, several of us followers are curious onto the online aspects of Exa Arcadia. That popped into me after reading the latest article from Arcade Heroes:
https://arcadeheroes.com/2019/09/13/exc ... ed-arcade/

We know that Exa Arcadia has plans for utilizing online integration, being completely optional for the games to run independently. We know for sure that online updates are inevitable for future releases.

I got some questions for Shou in regards to online aspects:

How are things going on several aspects planned for Exa Arcadia online integration:
  • Machine Locator
  • Advertisements on Attract Mode (increase revenue for operators)
  • Smartphone Companion App
Now for some other questions:
  • For certain people who decide to have the arcade unit for home use, are there settings that differentiate between operator and home user, especially online?
  • Will Exa Arcadia accounts be available to allow extra features available for companion app (such as saving progress, customization, etc.)?
  • Will Exa Arcadia allow the operators the choice to freely share income reports from the machines
  • Will there be more plans for the companion app to better engage with community, developers and operators?

As Exa Arcadia gets closer to launch in Japan, more questions inevitably pop up.

Anyways, let's keep the positive vibes going.

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