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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by xbrunox »

Hi all I love arcade!
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by lastspaceship »

Hi i'm Matt. In London town. Picking up a few OG games and things currently. Cheers!
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by mrcool1975 »

Hi everyone I have been into gaming since I was 12. And I live in Australia. I recently bought 2 world rally championship gaelco cabinets.
I have had some i issues with the game play. One worked fine initially then the colour of the car has changed to a pink colour. Board is in good condition.
The other machine works OK as well but the car is invisible. As well as the screen is a little dark and vertical hold is out at the top. This board has some corrosion (I believe from a mouse or rat) and is dusty and dirty.
I have tried swapping boards also from machine to machine to help diagnose the fault and confirm this.

Would isopropyl alcohol be a good start with a toothbrush perhaps?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Steelflight »

Hi there,
Chris here i found this forum on searching about arcade boards.
Hope to find more information about some games.
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by hesch »

Heylo. Just a retro game collector starting to get into the Arcade world. I've got a Mame cabinet that I built, and now I'm working on a New Net City resto.
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by seb82 »

My name is Sebastien , i am in France , 39 years .
I am interested by arcade games, arcade cabinet and i restored this cabs .
It s an hobby 😁
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by mad4cab »

Hi, i'm from Italy, i'm 39 years old and I will finally get my firts cab in few weeks.

Thank you in advance for all your help, guys.
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by cheeseball »

Hi, I'm from Tokyo Japan. Just picked up a Blast City. I also have a custom standup two player, LCD, hyperspin / PS4 cab.
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Hi, i'm Luis

Post by Chuchopm92 »

Hi, mates! I'm Luis, from Paraguay. I enter to this forum looking for info about some candy cabs, 'cause i have some Jaleco Pony MK II 28 :D
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