New cabinet sales list

Arcade cabinets, control panels, joysticks, harnesses...
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New cabinet sales list

Post by g60hot »

Hi All starting a new thread for my incoming containers.

Let me know if there is anything of interest :awe:

Vewlix C 1500
Vewlix F 1500
Vewlix Diamond Blue 2000
Groove Coaster 4 2750
Jubeat Festo 1500
Pop N Music Yellow Party 1200
Pop n Music HD 4500
Noir full HD cab including Tekken 7 1500
Panic Park 3500
Bishi Bashi Channel 4500
Rythem Tengoku 1600
Elevator action Death Parade 3500
Ongeki 9500
Scotto 6000
Chunithem 9500
Wacca 9500
Initial D Zero Twin 8500
Music Gun Gun 2 2500
Gunslinger Stratos 2500
Dark Escape 4d 4500
Nostalgia 1800
Dance Dance Evolution 2500
Mai Mai Finale 3300
Pong (coin op table) 3000
Project Diva latest Version 1750
Crosssbeats Rev Sunrise 1500
Blast City 1000
Vs City 1300
Nostalgia 1750
Cho Chabudai Gaeshi 3500
Puzle and Dragon Tournament no game 800

Cheers all
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Re: New cabinet sales list

Post by Nico »

i pm
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Re: New cabinet sales list

Post by RickyTTT »

@Nico your ryu is not strong enough
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