List of banned members/scammers

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List of banned members/scammers

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The following list includes Arcade Otaku members who are known scammers and owe forum members goods or money. Before trading on Arcade Otaku, please familiarise yourself with the sales rules we have put in place for your protection. We try to do what we can to avoid our members getting scammed but as with all private sales, there is always a risk. Please do everything you can to protect yourself.

Banned Scammers:

Forum handle: pianela, Makkello
Location: Torino, Italy
Reason for ban: Took a year and a ban for him to refund someones money. Details here.

Forum handle: Damsrpg
Location: Angoulême, France
Reason for ban: Wanted ad scammer. Details here.

Forum handle: neocps1
Location: Orleans, France
Reason for ban: Took boards for repair and sold them. Details here.

Forum handle: enricosy, sambabox
Location: Obrigheim, Germany
eBay: danielp9413
Reason for ban: Attempted Paypal chargeback scam. Details here.

Forum handles: Neo25, DJ Reckless, Galaga88, BlastActionHero, G88
Location: Berlin Tempelhof, Germany
Reason for ban: Non-delivered goods on this forum and others.

Forum handle: myuniversallove
Location: The Netherlands
Reason for ban: Non delivery of items sold/taken for repair.

Forum handles: crackstation, anos, pabloma46
eBay: lindbman
Location: Spain (Possibly Portugalete, Madrid, Bilbao or País Vasco)
Reason for ban: Non payment of shipped goods and sending an empty Naomi case.

Forum handle: poolchamp
Other known aliases: Videogames, Delboy, Cormac, Starwars
eBay: pinball_ireland arcadesales2012
Location: Tullamore, Ireland
Reason for ban: Owes a large amount of money and goods following the Insert Coin expo.

Forum handle: Flazh, Jamtea
Location: Leeds, UK
Reason for Ban: Non delivery of items sold.

Forum handles: werejag
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Reason for ban: Known scammer and bootlegger.

Forum handles: Vyxx, Gaia, ibarakuro1
Location: Canada
Reason for ban: Using multiple accounts on Arcade Otaku and scamming AO members on other forums.

Forum handle: ocdspacemonkey
Location: Sheffield, UK
Reason for ban: Non delivery of items sold (small value). Unresponsive to attempts at contact.
UPDATE: ocdspacemonkey made an attempt to resolve his outstanding items after surfacing on

Forum handle: Xenepp
Location: Essex, UK or Rochester, Kent, UK
Reason for ban: Still owes money and goods for custom MAME boards he produced.
UPDATE: Resurfaced as RetroRepair and is currently settling debts.

Banned for using multiple accounts:

MmSadda, Collin, kenshiro19xx, TerryArcadeGaming.

Members with a Marketplace ban:

fire-bug (For non-delivery of Superguns sold on shmups forum)
anks (For not returning PCBs taken for repair on JAMMA+)
JamesABaldwin (Banned for poor communication)
TwonK (Banned for scamming people with more money than sense and for generally being a bellend of the highest order)
sammy333 (For generally very poor service)
Stv (Due to multiple complaints about excessive Yahoo Japan bidding and tampering with serial numbers for his web shop)
tonybolony (Banned on JAMMA+ for not providing a promised refund and other misdemeanours)
digitalsystemsdesign AKA Jeff, Vektorlogik (Repeatedly poor service and unfulfilled orders. Latest here.)
Ramace (For selling a faulty Supergun before disappearing)
jinxz aka Chris from (Multiple complaints for repeatedly poor service)
J.J, Bluto, MaoCPS Multiple accounts. Notorious time waster.
tonyt76 For not paying for a marquee and attempting a chargeback scam. Details here.