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Extron DVS as an alternative to SCART to YUV Scalers?

Posted: April 19th, 2017, 4:33 am
by GeekMan1222
So the other forum i would usually post stuff like this to is down and has been down for a while. Well Arcade otaku has some cool people and this will also partially involve hooking up a super gun with hopefully.
This topic will pertain to a venture of converting consoles to svideo and rgb and the best way to display those to a consumer CRT using Component input.

ANYWAYS lets begin.

So nothing i have is setup for RGB yet, I have done loads of research on the topic and personal buddy of mine is already pretty versed in the topic before i was. Since I have not done an RGB setup I havent invested in SCART cables. That being said one thing I wanted in this setup was a switcher, I opted for an Extron 300 series Crosspoint 8x8 switcher. This switcher uses BNC, fair enough the cabling will primarily use BNC connections.

--My setup--
will be using 3 different source formats: RGB, Svideo, and Component (which will be the final output that leads to the TV since the TV has component input this seemed logical). All of these formats will go through my Extron switcher.

Now I am on to the next part and by far this is what i spent the last 3 days reading heavily on. Originally i was planning on using one of those 60$ SCART to YUV clone scalers you see online alot. But i got to thinking if you can buy surplus Extron equipment for cheap what did they make as far as scalers... and its likely to be slightly higher quality to boot.. hmmmm :eh:

So my research led me to an Extron DVS 204 orginally and now I am looking at the 304 model because that seems to be what a few people have used for RGB scaling in a gaming sense. Both seem pretty similar if you look at the inputs and output but the 304 has some extra features and also i think slightly more RGB input scaling options. Ill include a photo below of a draft of my intended setup, but to make it short using this scaler i could take RGB and Svideo and scale them to Component (and also have component going into the scaler like a pass through. This will make bringing video formats from the Extron Crosspoint alot more stream lined too imo.

Also this guy on Youtube is running a Genesis through a DVS 304 but hes using a Sync Strike which iirc is a sync stripper, ill assume that is also something i might need to consider.

--- skip here to by pass the back story ---

So what I'm wondering now, is the Extron DVS 304 really something I want to look at for a decent alternative to convert RGB to Component as compared to one of those SCART to YUV converters? Would the quality be any better, there sure are a lot more options and features with these Extron units. :eh:

What other things would i need to consider if choosing an Extron DVS 204 or 304? I know the input is DB15 for RGB so ill just assume i need a BNC to DB15 RGB break out solution. This also goes for Svideo in the form of a BNC for Y and C to mini din connector.

As an after thought how well would an Extron 304 or a generic SCART to YUV converter behave with a super gun? Say maybe a MVS. I know i hear its a pain to get JAMMA to run with alot of scalers easily because the video sources are not a true standard in some cases and that can throw those devices off.

Is the DVS 304 really worth it if I'm going the Extron route they can cost any where from 30 to 60 dollars compared to the DVS 204 model?

In the end I might just pick up an Extron anyways if not for more documentation on these devices they seem useful but theres not alot of info on them in terms of retro gaming setups.
I know this might not be the best place to ask all this but if anyone has ideas or comments please let me know. :D :awe:


Re: Extron DVS as an alternative to SCART to YUV Scalers?

Posted: April 19th, 2017, 6:17 pm
by nem
Most guys here are from Europe and we don't have component inputs on our CRTs. I think the correct place to ask is the hardware section of the Shmups forum: