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Clash of Clans: Start here! :fastlove:

Posted: January 6th, 2015, 3:46 pm
by Rossyra

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Total points:        17917
Wars won:               134
Members:             23/50
War Frequency: Always
Clan Tag:        #9YVCUOUC
- Clash of Clans is available on iOS and Android, and can also be played on PC using Bluestacks if you have a Google account.
- To join, you will first need to rebuild your Clan Castle which is easily possible within the first week of playing without spending real money. You should do this as soon as you can anyway as it will greatly assist your progression in the game.
- Search for us by name or our Clan Tag.
- Identify your forum handle when you request to join if your chosen 'Chief' name is different.

- No-one expects you to join and start winning wars for us 15 minutes later. You will have plenty of time to figure things out, all the time you need.
- You should spend your first few days getting used to the game and trying out the single player (goblin) missions.
- Ignore prompts in the tutorial to spend gems except on the second builder. I consider the builder mandatory.
- Your base cannot be attacked in your first three days, unless you choose to attack first (goblin attacks do not affect your shield). If you are completely new, take it slowly.
- If you rush your Town Hall levels or rush into battle too soon, you WILL get raided all the time and picked clean and face an uphill struggle. You will also face SEVERE loot penalties relative to your TH level and be dead weight in the war. DO NOT RUSH YOUR TOWN HALL LEVEL, take things slowly.
- You can only be attacked while you are offline and destroyed buildings snap back as soon as you log in.
- When you get raided it's not the end of the world, everyone gets raided. The game has an awesome feature - 'Revenge' - pick the right moment and you can take back what was stolen from you, and with any luck even more! Revengers cannot be revenged in return so all your opponent can do is QQ and FML about his terribad choices in life. This is the only time outside of war you can scout a base before raiding it. Use it to your advantage.
- Your biggest losses will always be in uncollected resources, which can easily be made up (and more) in a single 3-minute raid against the right opponent.
- Build your base, build your defences, raise your army, request reinforcements from us, crush your opponents, burn your invaders.

- As above, all you can lose in a raid is resources, nothing else
Table lifted wholesale from the CoC Wiki"
Gold and Elixir can be stolen from four types of Resource Buildings: storages, mines/collectors, the Town Hall, and the Clan Castle (if the oppenent has won War Loot from Clan Wars).
Storages: The percentage of Gold/Elixir that can be stolen from storages until TH5 is 20% and is capped at 200,000. Starting at TH6, the percentage that can be stolen drops by 2% at each TH level. At TH7 and above the cap increases by 50k at each TH level. The following chart shows how this works:

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Gold/Elixir Storages—Percent Lootable by Town Hall Level
Town Hall Level	 % Available to be Stolen	Cap	Storage Amount to Reach Cap
1-5	20%	200,000	1,000,000
6	18%	200,000	1,111,111
7	16%	250,000	1,562,500
8	14%	300,000	2,142,857
9	12%	350,000	2,916,667
10	10%	400,000	4,000,000
Mines/Collectors: The percentage of Gold/Elixir that can be stolen from mines/collectors is 50% and is capped only by the storage capacity of the mine/collector.

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Gold Mines/Elixir Collectors—Percent Lootable by Town Hall Level
Town Hall Level	 % Available to be Stolen	Cap
All	50%	Capacity of Mine/Collector
Town Hall: There is an additional 1,000 of both resources that can be stolen inside the Town Hall.
Clan Castle: The percentage of War Loot that can be stolen from your clan castle is half of the percent for your storages and is capped only by the storage capacity of the clan castle.

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Clan Castle War Loot—Percent Lootable by Town Hall level
1 - 5	6	7	8	9	10
10%	9%	8%	7%	6%	5%
The current maximum loot comes from raiding a TH10 with full collectors and 4M or more in storage. This means that the maximum calculated loot, for each resource, that can be stolen from 1 opponent is: 400,000 + (7 x 100,000) + 1,000 = 1,101,000. If you add in a full clan castle this maximum can be as high as 1,101,000 + 100,000 = 1,201,000.
These figures are before the loot multiplier is applied. The loot multiplier is what is behind the loot "penalty". The amount of available loot = calculated loot x loot multiplier. The loot multiplier is determined as follows:

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Town Hall Levels—Loot Multiplier
Town Hall Level Difference	Percentage of Loot Available
Same or higher level	100%
1 level lower	90%
2 levels lower	50%
3 levels lower	25%
4 or more levels lower	5%
Dark Elixir
Dark Elixir can be stolen from two types of Resource Buildings: storages and drills.
Storages: The percentage of Dark Elixir that can be stolen from the storage until TH8 is 6% and is capped at 2,000. Starting at TH9, the percentage that can be stolen drops by 1% at each TH level and the cap goes up by 500. The following chart shows how this works:

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Dark Elixir Storage—Percent Lootable by Town Hall Level
Town Hall Level	 % Available to be Stolen	Cap	Storage Amount to Reach Cap
7	6%	1,200	20,000
8	6%	2,000	33,333
9	5%	2,500	50,000
10	4%	3,000	75,000
Drills: The percentage of Dark Elixir that can be stolen from drills is 75% and is capped only by the storage capacity of the drill.

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Dark Elixir Drills—Percent Lootable by Town Hall Level
Town Hall Level	 % Available to be Stolen	Cap
All	75%	Capacity of Drill
The current maximum Dark Elixir loot comes from raiding a TH10 with full drills and 75,000 or more in storage. This means that the maximum calculated loot, for Dark Elixir, that can be stolen from 1 opponent is: 3,000 + (3 x 1,350) = 7,050. If you add in a full Clan Castle the maximum can be as high as 7,050 + 200 = 7,250.
The same loot multipliers as with Gold/Elixir apply to Dark Elixir as well.
- Gems are the ENTIRELY OPTIONAL pay-for part of the game
- You are given 500 free to begin with (although you should spend 250 on another builder as the tutorial insists, ignore the nags to spend on anything else)
- Rather than pay real money for them, you can earn more by completing achievements and clearing the recurring obstacles in your base.
- The best way to spend them is far and away on builders till you have the maximum of five. (1, free; 2, 250; 3, 500; 4, 1000; 5, 2000)
- In my opinion the game is well worth the £3.99 spend on a third builder at the start, but you can just wait and collect the gems instead (probably 3-4 weeks for another 250 gems)
- 'Boosting' the Barracks is a great use of gems if you're not saving for builders. Over Christmas boosts cost only 1 gem. This quadruples Barracks production. Higher production = more raids = more loot.

- Rushing your Town Hall level. Do not rush your TH. I cannot over-emphasise how catastrophic a move rushing your TH is.
- Buying shields: Want a shield? Leave your Town Hall outside your walls out of range of your defences and log off. Five minutes later when the first trophy hunter raids your base he will destroy only your TH and give you a 12-hour shield for a measly 5-10 trophies and an insignificant 1,000 resource.
- Buying resources: Steal them from other players don't pay for them. The gem prices are extortionate.
- Using 'REQUEST NOW' on your Clan Castle immediately after splurging your reinforcements on your first raid. This is incredibly expensive, just wait the 20 minutes.
- Speeding up upgrades. A bit debatable this one. Time costs the same on any building. The longer an upgrade takes the more it costs to finish it immediately. It's useful if you desperately want an upgrade in time for war or something, but really you should just wait unless it's only 10 gems or something, which will be under an hour so you're still better waiting.
- Boosting mines/collectors the return is not worth the spend. The Dark Elixir drill does give a slightly better return owing to the scarcity, but all resource is still better stolen.
- In short, anything that can be got another way, should be got the other way, not via gems.

- We are a warring Clan, if you just want to farm, this is most likely not the clan for you.
- War Search begins every Friday at 9pm for now.
- When an opponent is matched a 24 hour clock counts down preparation day.
- On preparation day, our highest level Chiefs, reinforce all of our bases, and we can scout our opponents' bases.
- In the subsequent 24 hours Chiefs are free to use their two 3-minute attacks whenever they choose. (circa 9pm Saturday - 9pm Sunday)
- Each Chief is allowed two attacks only which must be used on different opponents.
- The aim is to completely destroy the opponents' bases and win stars, whoever has the most stars wins the war - and the most loot.
- War Chiefs are matched in multiples of 5. If the clan is not a multiple of five, the game automatically selects the highest multiple available from the Clan roster based on who has the most trophies when the search for an opponent is started.
- You MUST request reinforcements before you attack, otherwise you will be utterly disadvantaged and will most likely lose as a result.
- We will not take you to war if you have rushed your Town Hall. This is effectively a 3 to 9-star handicap before the war even starts - wars can be won or lost on a single star. Further to that it will completely skew the match-up in favour of the opponent if they have no TH rushers. Do not rush your TH, have I mentioned that already?

- Read the clan chat/clan mail. Don't just blunder in and faceplant on any old base you fancy.
- Come loaded for bear. Best troops, best spells, REQUEST REINFORCEMENTS.
- Ideally you should first attack your opposite number on the war map, unless they have ninja upgraded on prep day and you are outmatched, or the game has balanced the overall clan matchup in such a way that means your are facing a higher TH opponent.
- Second attacks should be saved to clean up missed stars.
- First priority is the enemy Clan Castle, bait out the reinforcements and destroy them (surround with archers/use lightning/Dragon)
- Your resources are not in play in the war. All you stand to lose is the resource you spend on your two raids.
- Resource rewards are a fixed amount based on the strength of base you raided against your own relative strength.
- Win the war to receive the full resources bonus at the end. 50% for a draw. 30% for a loss.

- Trophy abuse is easily the best way of efficiently farming resources through raids.
- The amount of trophies you have dictates who you can raid and be raided by.
- If you push as high as you can in trophies you will face tougher bases and most likely take away less resources.
- However if you fail a raid, you lose trophies.
- Fail enough raids, deliberately, and you will significantly outmatch the majority of the bases you face.
- This can be done by placing a single unit in the field and immediately surrendering (Heroes are great here as they cost nothing to deploy) .
- When you've dropped enough trophies, you can then raid bases using only the cheapest of troops and gain huge amounts of resource for very little spend.
- Use 'boost' on your barracks and you can easily expect 1,000,000 gold/elixir within an hour with very little effort, in back-to-back raids with Tier 1 troops. (Tip: An army made up of 2:1 Archer:Barbarian 'barch' works well in most situations)
- It's incredibly easy to pick the trophy level you want to raid this way, find a sweet spot for your strength of army and clean up.

- Try to leave as little loot in your base as you can. No loot = no invasion. Empty your collectors at least once a day and spend resources
- Your builders should constantly be busy unless you are upgrading walls. If they are running out of things to upgrade, time to do the Town Hall.
- Time your TH upgrades to finish with your final base upgrades for that level. You don't want to be sitting for days with your loot maxed out waiting on your TH to finish
- Personally, I always leave my TH outside the walls (not including in the WAR - terrible idea there - free win for your opponent). This means every time I am raided I get a 12-hour shield no matter what else they take. The worst situation to be in is to have all of your collectors taken out and only 39% (or less) of your base destroyed. 39% = no shield. A couple of these types of raid back-to-back will be pretty severe losses if your base is loaded with loot. I can make up a single raid in minutes, even if they wipe my entire base (at TH7 this would require a raid costing 300,000-400,000 elixir, or a TH9 raider who would suffer a 50% loot penalty). Needless to say this happens very rarely, normally I only lose my TH.
- Always upgrade your army first. Camps > Laboratory upgrades > Clan Castle> Barracks > Spell Factory. Stronger army = more loot.

- Couldn't put it better myself, read leoj's guide ... -for-TH7-9

Re: Clash of Clans: Start here! :fastlove:

Posted: January 7th, 2015, 8:38 pm
by Rossyra
- Your most important defences are air defence and mortar. These should be as near the centre of your base as you can get them and well protected by your point defences.
- Symmetry is good. Asymmetrical bases are very difficult to construct without leaving weakpoints for raiders to exploit. It goes without saying that having no obvious weakspots works to your advantage.
- A design that has weapons with overlapping fields of view gives a strong defence. Raiders being attacked by three of your defences at once stand very little chance of survival.
- Troop AI is predictable and not in the least bit random. The only control a player has is where and when the troops are placed. The minute they are on the field they follow a route dictated by whatever target is still standing nearest them. More on this later.

- Walls don't prevent raiders from entering your base, instead they serve two purposes; First: Slowing down raiders while your defences pummel them. Second: sending raiding troops where you want them to go (preferably over traps).
- Don't surround your entire base with one wall. This is as good as no wall whatsoever because all a raider has to do is break a single brick for full access to your base relatively unchallenged.
- Doubling up, even tripling up walls provides almost zero benefit. Wallbreakers break walls 3-deep in one hit. Do not waste walls doubling-up.
- Bases with lots of individually walled compartments give the best defence, more compartments means slow progress for a raider while your defences grind them to dust. 2-3 turrets per compartment is enough, no need to wall in every defence in its own compartment, you won't have enough walls.

- Putting your TH in the centre surrounded by a wall might seem like a good idea, but it's not. If raiders get that deep into your base, you are losing your TH. Archers will just shoot over that wall. (See my above note regarding having your TH outside the walls for normal play)
- Defences should be walled in.
- Stores and collectors can be walled in, but you will not be able to wall all of them without hampering your overall defence and defeating the purpose. It's perfectly okay to leave a few mines or collectors outside the walls.
- everything else goes outside. If it's not collecting resource or attacking invaders, it goes outside (Barracks, Spell factory, camps, laboratory, builders huts)
- Clan Castle will ultimately end up in the centre of your base by TH7. Till then as long as its field of view covers most of your base, placement is not critical. It's very rare for the Castle to be destroyed before the defenders deploy as its field of view is huge, the largest in the game. Defenders deploy at the first sight of raiders automatically.
- Defences your builders are upgrading are inactive and go outside. These provide excellent distraction while your active defences work on raiders instead.
- more to come



- 3x3 spaces (2 of 4 of them highlighted in white) You can deploy troops in any space 3x3 or bigger. In this base raiders can bypass the wall completely.
- Collectors and mines in a nice neat line. Convenient to empty for the owner, Convenient to empty for the raider in less than 20 seconds and GTFO. Spread them across your base in range of your defenses. Wizard towers are great cover for collectors and mines because they slaughter goblins who will run straight to them.
- 1 wall, 2 compartments, without the holes it would still suck
- TH inside the wall. Mark picked this clean in the blink of an eye, left the owner with no shield. The next raider to find it will do the same.
- Doubled walls, randomly upgraded. Why even bother?
- Good chance this guy stopped playing hence why active mortars are outside the walls, however it's generally not a good idea to upgrade 2/3 of your mortars at once.
- Spell factory and laboratory inside the wall, utterly pointless.
- Asymmetric, defences spread wide, base covered in weak points, completely exploitable.


Re: Clash of Clans: Start here! :fastlove:

Posted: November 20th, 2015, 7:16 pm
by cools