Best. Console. Ever

Console, handheld and computer games, retro and modern.

Which holds the best memories for you?

Master System
PC Engine
Mega Drive/Genesis
Neo Geo
Sega Saturn
Sony Playstation
Nintendo 64
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo GameCube
No votes
Sony PlayStation 2
Microsoft Xbox
No votes
Atari Jaguar
No votes
Other (CDI/3DO/etc)
Total votes: 63
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Best. Console. Ever

Post by SuperPang »

A bit of an obvious poll but its a good place to start a retro forum
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by kernow »

I voted Super Nes, I would have voted neogeo but super mario world .. I could play forever.

doh I forgot the playstation - Resident Evil!! and Metal gear solid bahhh

This poll is impossible
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by cools »

Best memories, easy, SMS.
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by theevilfunkster »

Guardian Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, Shining Force III, Sega Rally, Panzer Dragoons etc...

Saturn :D
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by charlie chong »

yep saturn for me too .. great capcom conversions ,garegga ,dodonpachi and a sh1tload of other quality stuff.
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by Soundwave »

Saturn for me too

Although honourable mentions go to both the SNES & MD for being the first truely great games machines.

It's just they are beaten by the Saturn mainly because of what the Saturn brought to the party...easily some of the best 2D games to ever grace a home console but thats also partly due to the time it was released, the amazing conversions of the new wave of 2D fighters (SF Zero 3, KoF, Vampire Saviour etc.) just eclipsed anything we had seen before & because of that it will reign supreme as my bestest games console evar :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by Checen Rebel »

I can't vote as picking just one would be wrong. =]

I could whittle (my word of the day!) it down to three though:


Combined they are the ultimate in console gaming. The saturn would come a very close second, but for me it doesn't quite make it to the top spot.
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by Cadpipe »

Had to vote for the saturn and i don't think we ever saw its full potential :evil:
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by Alukid »

The Sega Saturn :D
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by markedkiller78 »

SNES fow show
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by thegreathopper »

Snes for me Yoshi's island, Street fighter turbo, Mario world and Mario kart. four of my most played games and four of my favourites.
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by DarthBoMan »

Had to go with the NES. For me it was the begining of "real" gaming and I still play the 8-bit games on a regular basis. Mario Bros, SMB1, 2, 3, Zelda, Link, Ice Climber, Excite Bike, Rc Pro Am and many more games are still some of my all time favourites.
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by gargoyle67 »

Yup, Snes all the way baby, I remember getting an imported Super famicom from telegames and firing it up with mario and r-type WoW I was blown away 8-) .
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by Sinjd »

I have fond memories of playing NES at my friends house on an almost daily basis as a child, I myself has a mastersystem, which is not what I asked Santa for, but I guess he felt like being a dick like when I asked for a snes and he gave me an Amiga 600.. I would have settled for a 500+ but a 600 had no numeric pad making it very difficult to use for deluxe paint shinanegans :evil: ... anyway drifting off topic. :lol:

For me though my fondest memory is the Dreamcast which is right on the border line of retro I guess, at the time of release I was working in a small games store (tiny actually) that basically sold old machines (Megadrives, NES's and the likes), comics, anime and various other stuff (we had a SFII cab in the corner too :D) and before we opened my boss drove me to woolworths and cos he knew someone there and managed to ninja me a launch day machine, and then we played Dreamcast solidly all day back at the shop, pretty much ignoring customers, it was great.. then a few months later I managed to get hold of a Japanese DC and 16 games for about £50 and that just opened a whole new level of awesome. I'd never owned an imported machine before, I had no idea what any of the text said, or if I was playing the games correctly, all I remember was the pure awesome of it all haha.

Since then I've done the whole PS2, Cube, Xbox -> Wii, 360 (and soon PS3) thing but non of them have given me the same sense of fun as when I first turned on that dreamcast and booted up Power Stone for the first time. Maybe it's just me getting older, or maybe newer games lack a certain charm and character that their older brethren had, I dunno.. I'm just glad I still have that imported DC and that when I turn it on I get a little of that magic back :).
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by R2-2D »

There has got to be more love for the Neo Geo, am i the only one who votes for the daddy of all consoles ?
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by frothmeister »

No Atari 2600? The original wooden one has to be the coolest.

I would go for Sega Saturn though with Dreamcast not far behind. Some of the best shmups ever on those.

I reckon if I had ever owned a Neo Geo AES then that would have to win but having only played the MVS carts in a cab I can't really vote for it. :)
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by Pete »

Sony Playstation for me, RE1 was a sign of the times.
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by John James Pacinelli »

Arcade wise Dreamcast + Saturn. No doubt.
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by Checen Rebel »

R2-2D wrote:There has got to be more love for the Neo Geo, am i the only one who votes for the daddy of all consoles ?
I personally wouldn't vote for that because ALL the games available for it are much more fun played on a cabinet.
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Re: Best. Console. Ever

Post by Nakano »

The snes, it had so many good games in all genres, games like Contra, Axelay, many RPG's & Sf2 turbo etc etc
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