NMK Thunder Dragon Repair Log

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NMK Thunder Dragon Repair Log

Post by Elgen » April 30th, 2016, 7:29 pm

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Re: NMK Thunder Dragon Repair Log

Post by Catzoo » August 22nd, 2018, 4:00 pm

Up, cause this might be useful to someone else too.

I'm trying to fix my Thunder Dragon, and want to do a cap kit, as one of them is missing, and i'm not sure that they are all original on my board, so it couldn't hurt.

I'm trying to get confirmation that theses are the correct values for capacitor, can someone please confirm with his board ?

16V 1000uf (C1, C2)

16V 47uf (C6, C7)
16V 10uf (C8)

16V 10 uf (C14, C15, C17, C18)
16V 10uf (same values, but is way smaller on mine, C16)

16V 10uf (C19) - My guess, since it's the one missing

C4 C5 C10 C11 - Looks like another type of capacitor (no values on them, so :penser: )

Thanks for your help ! (and if by the way Elgen is still around, thanks for your previous repair log, it might be really useful as i might have the same issue)


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