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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Trifle »

Hi all,

Newly signed up here, but had arcade bits 'n' bobs around for a few years now.
Looking forward to fixing up a few things!
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Exleb »

Hey all

New to the forums but a long time reader.

Looking forward to mixing in.
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by y2jdmbfan »

Hey guys, just signed up, I'm here looking for info on getting my Konami GX board with Run & Gun 2 game board to run with a supergun. Hopefully someone will be able to help! New to Superguns, looks like just what I am looking for before I take the leap to building a standup machine.
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Caseh »


Have been looking into buying a cabinet for a while now and off the back of a recent visit to Bury, it's been decided that it absolutely has to be a Japanese Candy. Currently in the midst of a house move so it's slot in the new man cave has been reserved hopefully pending a purchase through one of the members here.

Things have changed a little since I owned a few uprights about 20 years back, I guess the days of picking games up like Willow and Shinobi for £25 are long gone! Out of curiosity, is there any reason I can't see the marketplace as that's what initially led me to the forum off the back of checking cabinet dimensions on the wiki.
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Highflyer »

Hi all!

Huge rhythm gamer, started playing DDR on my 11th birthday and nearly 18 years later haven't looked back. Over that time taught myself how to fix and maintain cabinets and have worked for several arcades on general maintenance, particularly focusing on the rhythm action genre of titles, but dabbling beyond that.

More recently (in the last few years) been helping some arcades diversify their portfolios through importing and now starting to spread that service out a little more :)
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Liquidus0 »

Hi everyone ! Bonjour à tous !

My name is Guillaume, I am 31, from Montréal.

I am a big video games collector. I changed my way of collecting in early 2018 to allow myself to explore the arcade world

An evening at one of my fellow collector's house is all it took. Seeing his 6 candy cabs and almost full set of Cave pcb gave me the fever to start building a collection of my own. I already had a lot of Neo Geo MVS games, which I love collecting, but nothing else JAMMA.

Now I have a nice setup with 4 candy cabs, 2 MVS cabs and a couple of pcbs.

I do not only collect. I play a lot too ! Trying to do 1CCs, with one shmup at a time. I managed to beat a couple so far. Blazing Star being the one I am the most proud so far !

Looking forward to have good discussions with you guys !
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by SOVTH »


My name is Erik and I am from South Carolina. I am totally new to the hobby. It started down the path of collecting video games... now I want a Candy Cab! Looking to learn a lot more about the hobby and meet new people!
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Gateaublaster »

Hi there everyone !
Name is Gateaublaster, new to the game, but a longtime arcade enthusiast.
Been snooping around the forum for awhile now, but just signed in because I bought an arcade a about a month ago and will need all the help and knowledge I can find :D
Cuz I've been getting in deeper and deeper since then ><
Got a lot of noob questions, eagerly want to know and learn more, hoping this will be the place where I'll find all that ... and maybe more ^^
Looking forward to chat with y'all !
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Ali710 »

Hello everybody, I’m Ali from Bahrain, new to the Arcade scene, I’m planning buy arcade cabinet but no luck so far :cry:
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by dominion »

Hello guys,

I'm 41 and living in the east of France.
I have a Sega Astro City and an Sega Naomi.
Happy to be here !
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Rhys »

Hello folks,

I've registered here as I was a member of another forum (penrhos) told me there was a member g60hot (John) who was bringing in a shipment of cabs to the UK which will include new Vewlix Diamond Black cabs. Can that user please contact me if he sees this or can someone please tell me how I can contact him via PM or view the correct forum in order to ask if he has a spare one for sale? I live in the UK (Cambridge) and would be interested in purchasing one from him. ... candy-cab/ is the link to my original question in that forum.

This is my profile on eBay


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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by TorSKY »

Hello there,

My name is Kevin, I'm managing a Game Center in the north of France since 2012.
As an arcade addict and original hardware kinkster, the games you can find in my game center are from my personal collection, I have more than an hundred games, and my game center is more a way to store and maintain them than a business. That's why I keep the credit cost as cheap as possible, 50cts/credit even on dedicated cab.

I'm not really active on forums as I don't have a lot of time to spend on it, but as hardware lover and lab technician, I sometime look for informations to repair my boards or help people with defective one. You may also find me buying weird original games.
-Cheapest French Game Center since 2012-
My arcade games collection
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by RKDE »

Hellooooo! :D

I am Rob, I have have a small arcade with Blast City's and Time Crisis II, and Inital D. Our main location is closed but we are spreading out our games in the STL aria. I am decent at working on Blast City's and am a fan of Shmups.

RKDEstl is my instagram.

Hope to join in the community.


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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Babearusa »

Hi everyone,

My name is Wesley from Singapore. I own a Sega New Astro City, Neo Geo Super 29 Candy, Crazy Taxi Naomi and Lost World machine! I have some questions which need help and hope to reach out to the community for help :) and help others too!
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by antarctica »

Hi There,

New here - been on a arcade collecting break since killercabs ceased to be, but getting drawn back in...

I have a Aero City and an Atomiswave, I like nego-geo and cps2 gubbins.

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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by krispkillerkombo »


New to this scene - looking for help on repairing my Naomi board :)

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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by ismine9 »

hi from wales!
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by RoyLeyva »

My name Roy, I enjoy playing Arcades, i have 4 of them now (Naomi Jambo Safari, Sega Aerocity, Neogeo 1 slot and Super Neo 29 Candy), and i hope i could contribute to the forum.
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Psychic5 »

Hello everybody!!!

I hope to have fun in this forum and learn a lot from you.
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Post by Mrsega »

Hi Everyone,

Just looking to sell my small collection of arcade cabs and boards.

Would be great to keep within one of the strong communities.

How many posts do you need to make a sales post?

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