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Modded Game Boys

Posted: July 26th, 2021, 10:37 pm
by cools
Went overboard buying and modifying these in the past to see what I preferred, now they are just taking up space.

Notes: All original unless otherwise stated.
GBAs have some light bleed internally, this is normal for these replacement screens. You can buy 3D printed brackets to cover these, but if you're just viewing them straight on you won't see it, it's only when they're held at an angle.
Backlit DMG screens are *really* difficult to get a good photo of.

Prices excluding postage, will ship anywhere. Not open to offers unless you wanted the whole lot, but could be tempted with trades (arcade, Switch, SFC).

All original Pink Gameboy Advance in nice condition, fitted with a Chinese AGB-101 screen. £80
Gameboy Advance in good quality reproduction shell with Chinese AGB-101 screen. Original buttons, but the side bumpers and rubbers have been replaced with reproductions. £75
Game Boy Play It Loud, backlit (Green) and biverted. Includes original box in nice condition with inserts (sadly folded) and paperwork. £80 SOLD

Game Boy Play it Loud, backlit (White) and biverted. Internal pro-sound modification to reduce hum from the headphone jack due to the backlit screen. Includes original box in poor (but undamaged) condition with some (faded) inserts and paperwork. £80
Game Boy Play It Loud, backlit (White) but not biverted (the display is inverted, so it's wonderful for stuff like STGs and puzzlers). £70
Game Boy original grey, backlit (Green) and biverted. This one had a dead speaker, it's been replaced with a more modern equivalent however it's slightly thicker than the original speaker so the shell doesn't quite close perfectly (there's a 0.1mm gap in the speaker corner). I've shaved down the plastic inside but got fed up of scraping away - no-one would notice the gap unless I'd pointed it out...:) £65
Replacement lenses. Glass for the DMG, plastic for the GBA. I don't personally like the glass (thicker than plastic) or the repro GBA ones, and don't mind stuff a bit scratched up, but if you want to replace the lens, here they are. DMG glass = £5 each, GBA plastic = £2 each.

Re: Modded Game Boys

Posted: August 15th, 2021, 7:50 pm
by cools

Re: Modded Game Boys

Posted: September 11th, 2021, 6:11 pm
by cools
One DMG sold