console shmups for sale

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console shmups for sale

Post by barmskii » February 8th, 2019, 11:53 am

Happy to provide pics on request.

Also happy to negotiate prices on multiple buys.

Prefer UK sales but will consider international shipping to buyers with good feedback

Gunbird Special Edition (PAL PS2) mint - £10
1945 I&II (PAL PS2) mint - £7

Silpheed the lost planet (jp PS2) - surface marks and scratches but nothing serious. - £15
Thunderforce VI (jp PS2) mint - £40
The Shooting (vol 37) double Shienryu (jp PS2) mint - £35
Metal Slug 3 (jp PS2) - £20
XII Stag (jp PS2) mint - £15
Shikigami No Shiro (jp PS2) mint - £18
Psyvariar Special Sound box (jp PS2) mint - £20
R-Type Final (jp PS2) lots of light surface scratches but nothing serious - £10

JP Dreamcast
Jet Set Radio (Japanese Dreamcast) - £20
Sonic Adventure (Japanese Dreamcast) - £5
Trizeal ltd edition (including soundtrack CD and bandana) mint - £70 SOLD

Gigawing 2 - disc not working. I bought this years ago off ebay and although its all legit and in good nick the disc refused to boot. I got a refund but the seller never asked for the disc back so this is the original disc and manual in a case. NOT WORKING - £10

R-Types - case is a bit worn and CD has light surface scratches but nothing serious - £5

Einhander (Japanese PS1) very good nick - £25
Metal Slug (Japanese PS1) lots of surface scratches but nothing serious looking - £10
Starblade Alpha (Japanese PS1) - £25

Heavy Unit (Japanese PCE HU) good condition - £20

Shikigami no shiro III - mint in box with manual - £20

Shikigami no shiro 2 - ltd edition with cat figure - mint - £35

Gradius V OST + Gradius V options DVD - £25 SOLD

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