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Tuning advice

Post by Zorigami »

:) After some work (and parts buying) I have a pair of stable Japanese ID ver.3 cabinets.

I replaced the lcds it came with with a pair of sanwa pfx crts from a wangan midnight cab I also own.

I’m working on getting them tuned and would love some advice. The two monitors had visual differences when they came in the wangan, but I’d like to try and minimize those.

For all pictures, the screen on the left has the chassis it came with, un-touched. The screen on the right had its chassis replaced with a mostly-equivalent chassis after I (probably) damaged the original irreparably with a cap kit replacement.

The screen on the left is more correct, color-wise, I think. It’s definitely more blue looking.

The screen on the right is more yellow (looks kinda sepia toned).
They both have working adjustment boards, but the menus don’t have options for color balance.

Is it reasonable/easy to adjust the color balance on these monitors? Or would it be better to learn to love my (slightly) hererochromic monitors? They def look waaaaaaay better than the LCD’s they’re replacing.
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