Nanao Chassis 05A00585D1 cap list

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Nanao Chassis 05A00585D1 cap list

Postby dingsbums » December 10th, 2017, 6:15 pm

So I recapped this chassis yesterday (& today) and thought the cap list would be usefull for a few members here :awe: .

Neckboard (only 1 cap):
1x 250V / 10μF

Main Chassis:
1x 10V / 100μF
1x 10V / 680μF

1x 16V / 100μF
5x 16V / 47μF
2x 16V / 470μF

1x 25V / 180μF

1x 35V / 1000μF
4x 35V / 100μF
1x 35V / 680μF
1x 35V / 10μF

5x 50V / 22μF
4x 50V / 1μF
3x 50V / 10μF
4x 50V / 2,2μF

1x 100V / 180μF
1x 100V / 220μF

1x 160V / 100μF
1x 160V / 47μF

1x 200V / 1000μF

1x 250V / 10μF

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