Vewlix L Monitor Problem

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Vewlix L Monitor Problem

Postby Neferio » March 15th, 2017, 4:58 am

back in late august early September i picked up a used vewlix L from user kcarcadegame ( Been cleaning it up bit by bit and slowly restoring it (lots of dust, smoke stains and grime). Rigged up a ps3 to it for the time being and put maybe about 40 hours on it. went to fire it up last night and now its doing this, you might have to turn the volume up to hear it: ... 4.mp4?dl=0

it just kinda turns over like a car. the fans go vroom vroom then stop and start over again. the screen briefly and barely (i couldn't capture any footage of it) lights up for like half a second. its like its stuck in a boot-loop or something. i double checked all the connections and everything is good on that end. i even unhooked the monitor from all of the other cab wiring and plugged it directly into the socket and it still does the same thing

is it completely toast? how do i got about fixing or testing it?

if its not fixable i might just modify a 32" monitor and drop that in instead.

any help would be greatly appreciated

pictures for reference: ... 6.jpg?dl=0 ... 4.jpg?dl=0 ... 2.jpg?dl=0
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Re: Vewlix L Monitor Problem

Postby grantspain » March 15th, 2017, 8:15 am

probably just the monitor power supply,pretty common-normally just caps but could be more severe-those psu boards are available on ebay and you can adapt virtually any lcd power supply to run

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