[FS] Jamma Adapters on pcb

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Re: [FS] Jamma Adapters on pcb

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galaga1982 wrote:
June 22nd, 2020, 1:04 am
Thank you for the reply.

You mean there isn't any pass through filter or separater, such as LM1881, etc for composite video to RGB color in your adapter. Does this adapter has RGB control knob to get perfect white?

I'd like to see detail picture and know the features about this adapter.
On the adapter there aren t any control knobs for rgb because you normally have those on supergun side and arcade monitors side.
The sync stripper is not in the adapter because usually TV and arcade monitors accept without problems videosync.
If I understand you have a predominant colour so even If you put a sync stripper you don t solve it.
You have definitely to adjust the colour pots.
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Re: [FS] Jamma Adapters on pcb

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Can I get a Sega System 16/24 Jamma Adapter DELUXE edition? MP me with details when you have a chance @Kold666
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Re: [FS] Jamma Adapters on pcb

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Hi, I would like a tehkan adaptator if possible.
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Re: [FS] Jamma Adapters on pcb

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Have a Bank Panic pcb here a d looking for a Jamma adapter. Any still in stock?
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Re: [FS] Jamma Adapters on pcb

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Looking for a jamma to centipede adapter, any for sale ?
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