[FS] LED Illuminated pushbuttons - Ultimarc

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[FS] LED Illuminated pushbuttons - Ultimarc

Post by loscanones » April 24th, 2019, 8:22 pm

Bought few LED Illuminated pushbuttons from Ultimarc. What a mistake! I never saw such a cheap piece of plastic...and expensive. Probably all in all i paid 100$ for harness, illuminated buttons and transportation.
The click of switches made me crazy and i was planning to put all of them in garbage, but i`ve got an idea to make some profit...

My offer is -for whoever is interested: 1$ for all buttons- switches included ( i think i have 12, Red and Blue), transportation not included. EMS is ~ 30-35 Euros inside Europe.
If moderators consider that my profit is too big (1$) and i`m not trustworthy, they can move this to "free stuff".

As we already know, professional traders are Persona Non Grata for me.
Germany, Netherlands and UK members - sorry, not for you.

If you have 1$ and you need this for your project, P..M me.

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