Blank/printable Astro City Marquee!

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Blank/printable Astro City Marquee!

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Had this made a while ago using my original Astro City marquee as the template. This was measured and cut professionally from a CAD file and is a perfect replacement for the original Astro City Marquee.

I had 3 of these made and had Muddymusic print 2 for me which worked an absolute treat. However I sold my Astro a while ago and forgot I had this! It still comes with the protective wrap and will be perfect for a minty restore job.

Cost me over 100 quid to get sorted but happy to let it got for £75 shipped or £70 collected, also happy to trade for some PS5 games if anyone is interested. Lmk if my price is way off. UK only at the mo.

Pic links attached.


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