WTB/WTTF : Street Fighter 3 Third Strike dead cart or cart case

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WTB/WTTF : Street Fighter 3 Third Strike dead cart or cart case

Post by parodius » August 11th, 2019, 1:58 pm


I have an original US Street Fighter 3 Third Strike cart running on battery, which unfortunately has a (good) repro sticker, but is otherwise perfect (AMMA sticker & white/red sticker on the back).
So I'd like to acquire an original SF3.3 US/Eur case cover or dead cart. Or even maybe even a working cart.
The important thing is that the front sticker must be an original US/Eur sticker, *NOT* the japanese sticker or a repro.

I can offer a mix of cash and trade for some of the following (whole cart or case) :
  • SF3.1 Mexico region Superbios cart (made by l_oliveira I think ?)
  • SF3.2 Japan region dead cart
  • SF3.3 US region (repro front sticker) case
  • Red Earth Europe region dead cart
  • Custom front sticker US region Superbios cart (made by aje_fr of cps1 multi & RPI2JAMMA fame)
[+] Spoiler...

Hit me up with your offers.

Oh and if someone has an original US/Eur SF3.3 CD as well, let me know.


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