WTB Gaelco Championship Tuning Race PCB

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WTB Gaelco Championship Tuning Race PCB

Post by klause » July 15th, 2019, 6:44 pm

Hey everybody,

I am looking for a Gaelco Championship Tuning Race PCB.

I already have an original Tokyo Cop cab.
But I also want to play Tuning Race on the Cab.
I converted a CHD file as an image and played this on a HDD.
The game starts, but you can't do anything else.
You can't steer, start, accelerate ect.
The problem is the I\O board.
Tokyo Cop and Tuning Race use different boards.
Especially the wiring is different (according to the manual).

Therefore I need an original Tuning Race Board.
Otherwise it can't play it on my TC Cab.

Seems that the image is not the right one.
Unfortunately I don't have an original image or an original HDD from the game.

Can anybody help?

Thanks, Felix

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