WTB: Wei-ya 3129b or Rodotron 666b1 chassis

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WTB: Wei-ya 3129b or Rodotron 666b1 chassis

Post by Darklightjg1 » January 4th, 2019, 2:41 pm

My monitor has not been displaying since I got a Blast City cabinet. I sent the Nanao MS2931 chassis in to PNL for repair again (already sent it in once and it only displayed a couple of hours before going out again). Since the Nanao MS2931 turns out to be one of the hardest chassis to actually troubleshoot or repair, I wanted to get another working chassis that someone told me was a recommended replacment for it and easier to work with. The main two suggestions I got were:

Weiya 3129b
Rodotron 666b1

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