Looking for ID0, Taito Bench and Blast City

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Looking for ID0, Taito Bench and Blast City

Post by Tathan »

Hey folks,

I live in Belgium and I have to say that it's quite hard to found the things that I'm looking for... So I create my post here. Not sure if I can afford 2 initial D 0 cabs at the moment but if someone could redirect me and let me know the prices, it would already be a good step in my quest. :D

I'm looking for the 2 players taito bench with a back to buy it right now.

And I'm also looking for a Blast City at good price, don't really care about the panel nor the system in it, I already have the materials for the inside, I just need a good screen and a cab in good shape!

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: Looking for ID0, Taito Bench and Blast City

Post by ChrisBEANS »

If you’re happy to arrange shipping from the UK, I have a Blast that I really shouldn’t have bought in the first place...
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