Wtb Irem Modonna cp + parts

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Wtb Irem Modonna cp + parts

Post by 8bitforlife » November 8th, 2019, 5:57 am

I need a cp for irem madonna and hopefully a outer cp housing. If that cant ne done does anyone have a scan or file of the cp art and outer cp art area?

Also does anyone know how how to make a harness for it?

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Re: Wtb Irem Modonna cp + parts

Post by kazuo » November 16th, 2019, 6:28 am

Talk to @alberto1225 for the CP:

@LemonyVengeance can probably make you a harness. FWIW, I am 99% sure that the Madonna and the Aero share the same harness, so you can probably mix and match, but if you want something 100% new and LEMONY fresh... he's your guy.

I own a Madonna, so if you need photos of anything just send me a MP.
Good luck with the restoration!

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Re: Wtb Irem Modonna cp + parts

Post by Hieroneus » November 16th, 2019, 7:43 pm

I look for a bezel.
Thank you.

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