Vewlix coin mech (AD-81P3) & test/service issues.

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Vewlix coin mech (AD-81P3) & test/service issues.

Post by Someone » December 26th, 2019, 2:26 am

So I finally got a TTX2 and a multi drive running in my Vewlix F.

The problem is basically that I can’t play the games because I can’t add credits or reach a service menu to enable free play.

The coin mech seems to just not be powered from what I can tell. Flipping the switch with the thin lever does nothing. The mech does have a terminal that seems disconnected, but I have no idea what it would attach to. Not the cabinet wiring, apparently. (The green wire ends in a grounding screw terminal.)

The JVS I/O seems populated by every available connection in the cabinet, although there seems to be nothing to connect to the I/O’s Z, P2, or USB-A port.

Additionally, there seems to be nothing to connect to the cabinet loom’s M or N connectors. The TypeX2 unit itself only has the power cable, video cable and I/O USB cable connected.

The test and service switches seem to do nothing during a game or while it’s booting, although turning off the multi-drive’s “memory patch” option seems to make the service button trigger an “I/O Error”.

Does anyone know what could be wrong and how to either turn on the coin mech or get to the game service menus and enable free play?

Thanks for any info on making this stuff work.
Finally achieved my arcade wish! My first, and favorite, cab! (Vewlix F.)

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