Looking for a scan of paper cards​ for "shuttle Invader" Arcade

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Looking for a scan of paper cards​ for "shuttle Invader" Arcade

Post by uli84 » August 17th, 2019, 10:00 am


I have owned a "Shuttle Invader" for a long time which I am trying to restore to its former glory.
Its coffee table arcade, space invaders clone (though a superior game in my opinion) which is rather rare outside of japan; image here: ibb.co/yNnnFt7
After a couple of repairs it is fully functional again, all I'm missing is the the paper cards under the glass (which I never had), and have so far been unable to find a good image of them.

The best I have been able to find so far is this:ibb.co/xhRdvKM or zoomed in ibb.co/sw8DT6Q)

Does anyone here have a shuttle invader arcade with the original cards? If its not too much trouble I would be super grateful for a scan so I can have them printed.

Hope this is the right board to post, I not looking to sell anything and technically not looking to buy, tough I would be willing to pay for it if its wanted.

Cheers from Germany,

PS: If anyone is in or near tokio or chirorinmura there seem to be intact ardes there. Though I have yet to find a way to contact the owners.
tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1303/A130302/1320 ... hotolst/3/

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