Ultrastik 360 in a Vewlix

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Ultrastik 360 in a Vewlix

Post by Jughead » July 2nd, 2019, 7:03 pm

Has anyone installed a Ultrastik in a Vewlix cabinet?

Only way I can see is to use the Kowal flat plate as that matches up to the Vewlix control panel but half of the two mounting holes line up with the big black casing of the Ultrastik.

My only option is to dremel away at the joystick casing but I thought I would ask in case anyone has found another way.

Updated for future reference:- Dremeled and added 5 washers to the original mounting screws and it’s securely attached. Only problem is it’s rotated 45 degrees from original directions so will have to remap it all.

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