Taito Type X2 in a Sega Lindbergh cab picture issue

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Taito Type X2 in a Sega Lindbergh cab picture issue

Post by Paulie » June 18th, 2019, 8:20 pm

Is anyone running a Taito Type X2 multi in a Sega Lindbergh cab?

Picked up a Type X2 and I can't get anything like a stable picture on my Lindy.

I could have sworn that I had a vanilla X2 hooked up to this cab a couple of years ago, but I'm possibly mistaken. Although I've seen a few vids on youtube of others running X2 multis on Japanese Lindy's so I'm clearly not quite doing something right.

When I first plugged it in I was getting a "Could not read DIPs!" error message...
Opened the mobo up and the dips cable wasn't attached at either end, must have come loose in transit so I thought, nice easy fix. Reattached it at both ends and it did rectify that issue... However...

1. Monitor automatically finds 640x480
2. X2 boots
3. Get a nice stable Taito X2 splash screen
4. screen flickers and boots to a game, can coin up, the controls and sound are all spot on. But the picture goes a bit nuts, it's almost like the image is doubled and slightly offset jumping up and down, lots of sideways white streaking, looks a bit like the monitors **** (but it's fine with other things Naomi 2 etc).

I've tried it with dip 2 set both to on and off on the mobo but not difference.

Any help would be most grateful

It was autobooting to Trouble witches.... Anyways I went back to the menu screen to see if there was anything I could **** about with, selected Battle Fantasia and it's a beautiful picture. So maybe it's hit and miss as to what runs and what doesn't or maybe it's just Trouble witches that won't sync. I'll have to go through the games to find out but I'll update the post so maybe if someone has the same issues as I did and they find this it'll save them a lot of effing and jeffin and head scratching.

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