jnx adaptor pandora box

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jnx adaptor pandora box

Post by Flyingfistofbudha »

hi, I sold my jnx adaptor the other day , with some other bits ..

now when I plug either my king of air
or pandora box into any of my cabs .. no controls or credit buttons ?

i cant remember if it was like this before i bought the jnx adapter ?

i thought it worked fine without the jnx.. i thought i only bought the jnx for the kicks for street fighter games ?

does anyone have same prob ?
or can help me be able to use my king of air on my egret 2 ?

thanks in advance
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Re: jnx adaptor pandora box

Post by yosai »

Flyingfistofbudha wrote:
December 17th, 2018, 10:14 pm
or pandora box into any of my cabs .. no controls or credit buttons ?
Put that POS in the bin. :lol:

The controls should work without the adapter.
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Re: jnx adaptor pandora box

Post by mrjamma »

Default JAMMA has ground wires on 27 and 28 on the JAMMA harness, however most boards dont even care about pin 27 not having a ground (i.e. all my CPS1, CPS2, Konami boards dont care about pin 27 not being 'Ground').
As you know, Pandora uses pin 27 top and bottom for Button 6 for player 1 and player 2

The problem with pandora however, is if it connects to a cabinet which has ground wires on pin 27, it thinks button 6 on player 1 and player 2 are permanently pressed down - this then prevents you from being able to coin up and enter a game on the pandora menu. Common issue...
As an easy test for someone who has a working pandora in their cab (pandora 5 at least i know for sure), hold button 6 down and whilst held down, coin up and try to enter into a game from the menu - it wont work...

Im assuming youre wanting to just use Pandora with 3 buttons only in this specific cabinet youre referencing, as it sounds as though youre not intending to wire buttons 4,5,6 to the jamma edge (and not intending to use an adapter instead considering you just sold your adapter)

Long and short, your solution:
Simply desolder and move your ground wires on your JAMMA harness from the second last pins (27) on both top and bottom side over to the last pins (28) and youll be sweet.
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