Elegant Way to Connect PC to Arcade?

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Elegant Way to Connect PC to Arcade?

Post by Deathgaze »

I got a New Astro City which I use with a GroovyMAME purpose built PC connected via a JPAC. Just wondering if anybody has any clean and elegant setup for this? All I can think of is opening the main door on the cabinet and having the JAMMA harness stick out, which results in wires all around your feet.

I rather not drill any holes into the cabinets body.
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Re: Elegant Way to Connect PC to Arcade?

Post by trev1976 »

I've got my stepdown wired inside my cab and power the PC from the stepdown via a splitter. Keeps everything inside the cab that way
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Re: Elegant Way to Connect PC to Arcade?

Post by Sp33dFr34k »

I have this one inside of the cab on top of the PSU in my NAC :)

Raspberry Pi 3B with heatsinks and custom case from thingyverse

- sound: 3.5mm jack to 2x RCA via the NVS4000
- power: wired gnd and 5v from the psu to micro usb
- video: vga addon, made myself a VGA loom for the MS9
- controls: there's a JVSPAC screwed onto the bottom. I have a dedicated JVS IO wired in the cab
- network: wireless for uploading roms on the fly :)
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Re: Elegant Way to Connect PC to Arcade?

Post by Brettster »

I wired a power lead to the backplate in the NAC thar powers the pc, can close the door up then
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