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Needing help: 31kHz to 15Khz Jamma adapter

Posted: September 20th, 2018, 3:35 pm
by Hasuki
​Actually I am not sure if this is the right place in the forum for this question:

I want to use my TypeX2 or XBOX360 on my Astro City cabinet, therefore I need a converter for 31kHz to 15kHz.

The problem I encounter is that these chinese downscalers:


output with 5 pins to rgb. Since I want to lead the signal through my Capcom i/o (for the joystick signals via USB from Taito TypeX2) I need an adapter from this VGA2CGA (5 pins) to a 15pin RGB pinout to connect to my Capcom i/o. If I use this VGA 15 Pinout, I only get 31kHz to Capcom I/o,


so I need some idea how to do this adapter where CSync is HSync and VSync combined. Or am I wrong ?

So mainly: I need the converted signal from this VGA2CGA to be connected to my Capcom i/o so that I have 15kHz input on Capcom i/o. Any thoughts about this ?