Need Help on AMP Up connector

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Need Help on AMP Up connector

Post by Loki »

Hey guys,

I tried to make an CPS2 - Kick harness for my CPS2 on my own. For sure without any special tool for crimping.
Due to that I am facing now a problem with a lost cable on a pin on the AMP UP connector. The pin is snapped into the connector now without any cable on it.

Is there any possibility to disengage or push out the pin out of the connector again without special tool?
Please find enclosed a picture of the harness.
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Re: Need Help on AMP Up connector

Post by bloodhokuto »

You tried a large paperclip?

I saw a video on youtube some time ago;

I had a similar problem with another smaller connector on my astro (one that goes into the power supply), but I must admit that I just chucked it back in my parts box, because it was really fiddly - and I had a spare. :oops:
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Re: Need Help on AMP Up connector

Post by copados33 »

Use a needle to push the pin both to the inside of the AMP conector and up towards the direction of the wire at the same time until it comes out, or you can check places like Mouser or Digikey and buy the correct tool for pulling these pins, yes, there are special tools for this job, although they are a bit expensive...
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Re: Need Help on AMP Up connector

Post by dj_johnnyg »

I found the best thing was to use one of the AMP UP pins with a wire attached to it so you had something to grip.
Looking at your picture, stick the pin / paperclip above the stuck pin (you will see there is a small gap at the top of the hole, and not the bottom) then wiggle gently while pulling on both wires gently, and she should come off in your hand <snigger> :awe: :awe:

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I don't have the special crimp tools for the UP's but I always solder the pins - you don't need much - and then crimp with a small pair of pliers.
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