Wanted - CAB Screws for AstroCity

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Wanted - CAB Screws for AstroCity

Post by Loki »


I picked up an AstroCity2 CAB end of last year. Since them I have been doing a restoration and started a full tear down to clean / replace some parts.
I am nearly finished but unfortunately some parts / screww are missing to mount all parts.

Therefore I am searching for these screws in hope that anyone can help and provide or sale some!?
https://www.dropbox.com/s/x650u4pvwx37l ... d.jpg?dl=0

After i have finished the work I will share all my information within a restoration thread.
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Re: Wanted - CAB Screws for AstroCity

Post by Mrhide »

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Re: Wanted - CAB Screws for AstroCity

Post by Brettster »

I've had problems finding these too
you can get similar ones on ebay but the heads are not quite the same size
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Re: Wanted - CAB Screws for AstroCity

Post by FrancoB »

Search ebay/Google for M4 Security Torx
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Re: Wanted - CAB Screws for AstroCity

Post by mrjamma »

Hey Loki

Being a fellow Astro 2 owner, and recently doing a minor freshen up of my cabinet, I too couldn't locate 3 genuine Sega bolts for the front of the speaker surround either.

They aren't as common as Astro 1/New Astro, so certain Astro-2 specific spares are a bit more difficult to obtain.

I ended up going to a local nuts+bolts shop, and getting some T20-security drive, button head bolts (confirmed to be identical drive as OEM), which were as close as possible to original.

The 4 bolts which bolt in the 'Astro City 2' fluro-marquee, are black T20 security drive, button head bolts, which are m4 thread - I remember that much. With the 3 front bolts, I used a larger size security torx thread.

I done the best possible comparison I could do, based on photos you provided me a couple of months ago, as well as photos from a helpful gentlemen (Username Rat) from Aussie arcade, who provided these photos:

Best of luck.

EDIT: I have uploaded the owners manual here, this will have the screw sizes you need: http://forum.arcadeotaku.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&p=459981
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