Help Blast City Wiring! (Diagram Included!)

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Help Blast City Wiring! (Diagram Included!)

Post by Phexe »

Hey guys,

I posted a while back, and thought I'd solved my Sound Issue, but it seems all is not well with my cab's wiring. It seems to be more of a hack job than I thought.

Here's how my Blast's Sound is connected;


Here's CN10;


Here's CN1;


And from CN1, directly out to the RCA's;


And finally CN5;


So at the moment I get perfect sound from the RCA's but SUPER low volume (Barely audible from MAX Cab + Board Pot) from the JAMMA Edge (with buzzing).

Before we figured that Because the RCA's and Jamma Edge were both attached it had blown the Sound AMP and getting a 001 loom would fix this.

Am I correct in figuring I need to reconnect 14&30 / 15&31 of CN1, to 31&33 / 32&34 of CN10, then replace the Loom with a 001 and also replace the sound amp.

Would this fix the problem?

Thanks for any help guys! So confused on what the crap is going on :oops:

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Re: Help Blast City Wiring! (Diagram Included!)

Post by codecrank »

taking a wild guess here, maybe the mono amp is dead and the owner didn't have the parts on hand to add RCAs to CN5 ??

yeah , you'll want to reconnect the cab wiring the way it use to be and get an 001 loom. not sure if that will fix your problem, but if you fix or swap the PSU out at least you'll have the cab wiring ready to go.
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