Help : Taito universal IO PCB K91X1245A

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Help : Taito universal IO PCB K91X1245A

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I picked this up with some other Taito kit from SMJ and sea freighted it back to the UK - They've shutdown the site so I can't find the auction I bought it from to get the info that was on it...

Anyone have the manual or know how to wire it up?

What I want to do is use it in place of the JVS PCB that fits inside the control panel (As they're stupid money if you can find one).

It looks like the 60-pin is the same as the normal JVS/Fastio connector so I should get away with just the power connector and the USB cable....

The PCB is labelled "K91X1245A / J9100641A" Universal IO PCB - I'm 99% sure its the io board for LOV.

Front edge has 4-pin power, 60-pin IDC, B1 (10-pin), M1 (10-pin), J1 (USB-A), U1 (micro-USB).
Short edge has Z2 (4-pin), T1 (8-pin), S1 (3.5mm plug), G2 (16-pin), G3 (24-pin).
Back edge - SD-card slot.
Middle Z1 (14-pin).
P1020016 (Medium).JPG
P1020018 (Medium).JPG
P1020019 (Medium).JPG
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