Battle Garegga

Post your high scores here!
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Re: Battle Garegga

Post by markedkiller78 »

markedkiller78 wrote:MAL - 3,980,150 - 4 - golden bat

I can't find ibara, so garegga it is this week :(
6 years on.....

3,857,7760 :cry:

I'm worse now
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Re: Battle Garegga

Post by Nonik »

i dont saw this post!


My record is....

7.559.900 - ALL - GOLDEN BAT

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Re: Battle Garegga

Post by zak »

Excellent! :-o Makes me want to play Garegga :awe:
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Re: Battle Garegga

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Is anyone updating the score tables?.... :think:
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Re: Battle Garegga

Post by cools »

Looks like the poster has not been here in a while. We can reassign the thread if someone is willing to update it?
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