Naomi 2 - Netboot - Blast City Setup

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Naomi 2 - Netboot - Blast City Setup

Post by tronbaby »

Hi all,

I've read loads on this topic and I've tried MANY things, but I keep coming up against a strange sporadic issue so I wanted to check with others.
  • I have a Naomi 2 board which works fine in my Blast cab with a Capcom IO, taking power from the Capcom IO.
  • It has a multi-bios and plays N2 boards like VF4 just fine.
  • I have a Netdimm setup with a piforce loader, which I know is power hungry, so when using that, I've connected it and the Naomi 2 to a second Sun PSU.
  • Sometimes it works without a problem, but not always!
  • When it doesnt, sometimes I just get a black screen and when I try to load a game the Piforce it says cannot connect or cannot find.
  • Sometimes when I get to the Naomi startup screen, I get error 22, i.e. cannot find the netdimm.
  • I'm positive the problem is with the netdimm as it seems that's not powering on at times or not being recognised.
  • What I dont know is whether the netdimm is faulty or is it still a power issue, despite using the 2 PSUs.
Anyone had this before? I've read loads on the subject, but most previous issues have been fixed with what I've done. I'm hoping someone's had a similar experience. My next step would be to try a new zero-key pic, failing that, buy a new netdimm board.

Any ideas?
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Re: Naomi 2 - Netboot - Blast City Setup

Post by LarsVegas »

Have you checked the voltage with a voltmeter?
As you said the netboot setup is hungry.
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