Volfied PCB problem

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Volfied PCB problem

Post by mx5dob »

Hi all. Just picked up a Volfied PCB from Yahoo auctions. It's supposed to be working fine but I can't get anything on the screen. The sounds works ok, just no image.

I've measured the voltage at one of the chips and it's a steady 5.03v plus ive tried it on my supergun and no joy on that either.

Any ideas?
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Re: Volfied PCB problem

Post by geotrig »

Don't some Taito pcbs have issue with video ground but I suppose if it was that you would have something on the screen

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Re: Volfied PCB problem

Post by caius »

The problem is obviously related to the 'TC0070RGB' modul,e most likely it got detached.But you already know this ;)
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Re: Volfied PCB problem

Post by Awbacon »

Have you checked continuity between chips and the video output area? Sounds like something clearly isn't 'moving"

Could be a cold joint somewhere that cracked during shipping
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Re: Volfied PCB problem

Post by dingsbums »

Your Power Supply has - 5Volt ? Volfied needs it.
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