naomi issue - no picture displayed

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naomi issue - no picture displayed

Post by Neo'nate » February 10th, 2019, 2:41 pm

Hope I can explain this one ok as there are a few variables

Im running a sega naomi set up in a standard jamma cab via a capcom i/o, the naomi is running one of Joerg's multi carts with the correct bios. The naomi boots up, fan runs, but no picture is displayed and ive trued it on a couple of cabs no to the same result. Usually Joerg is easy to reach and quick to respond, but I cant reach him this time around...

The other thing is that when putting a pcb back in the cab, its notably thrown the picture out of sync, needing a realignment and a bit of time tinkering with the monitor to set the picture straight again. Is this simply a voltage thing? Or could there be an issue with any of the components?


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