Sega Chihiro Type 3 won't save game settings.

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Sega Chihiro Type 3 won't save game settings.

Post by Hydreigon » December 10th, 2018, 1:26 am

I am currently working on a Ghost Squad arcade machine that uses a Type 3 Chihiro system meaning the dimm board is integrated inside. Currently having issues with saving game settings on shutting down system which lead to other issues depending on the game. In Ghost Squad's case, I had trouble with calibrating the guns every time I turn on the system. It's even worse that the gun's Y position can go haywire every time the game settings restart. Playing around with the gun plugs can get this back to normal. I have heard the following with game settings on these Chihiro or dimm related systems:
  • Game settings will only save up to 72 hours while powered off.
  • The dimm board uses a different type of battery as opposed to the cr2032 used on the main board used for saving system settings (hence why it still keeps the free play setting)
Idk what the best battery to use for these dimm boards would be and if anyone has replaced them or not. Another problem is the current monitor installed is nearly useless. It's a Sanyo flatscreen TV that won't auto power on startup and also has some blue hue flickering every time. Fortunately, the guns work fine with this monitor when they were calibrated fine). If there is a way to fix these two monitor related issues, then replacing the monitor won't be necessary.


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Re: Sega Chihiro Type 3 won't save game settings.

Post by nem » December 11th, 2018, 3:32 pm

Are you sure the CR2032 on the motherboard is OK? Have you checked the voltage?

I've also heard that some games apparently save settings in the DIMM memory, but it sounds too stupid to be true. Especially in a lightgun game.

I've put new batteries in my DIMM board pattery packs. It's not hard to do, but the end result is not super pretty. With good quality, high mAh batteries the packs should last at least two weeks with a full charge.

The newer type lightguns have sensors in the guns and emitters in the bezel. You can swap the monitor to any type of screen. I have an LCD in mine.

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