Naomi 2 not booting Atomiswave

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Naomi 2 not booting Atomiswave

Post by Moomootown »

Hi guys

I have a Naomi 2 netbooting set-up and every single Naomi game works fine. However none of the Atomiswave titles boot (they go to black screen) - Metal Slug 6 gets to 'now loading' then goes no further.

Weirdly the one other game that has an issue is Border Down crashes out a lot.

I have a multi-bios, tried in all regions.

However, my Naomi 1 board works fine with everything but of course won't do VF4 as that's a Naomi 2 title.

Bit of a pain in the bum swapping just to play VF4 would rather Naomi 2 worked properly...

Anyone got any ideas? Ta!
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Re: Naomi 2 not booting Atomiswave

Post by darksoft »

I'm pretty sure problem is the multibios. Try the latest official Naomi2 Bios instead.
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Re: Naomi 2 not booting Atomiswave

Post by skate323k137 »

I've honestly had good luck with the multi bios and atomiswave but some have had troubles.

Check your 0 key by booting gigawing 2. If you get error 33 consider a new 0 key.

Obviously it can't hurt to try a stock "C" N2 bios, but I would expect you'll have the same problems and your princess is in another castle. As always with Naomi, check your voltages. you want 5.10 and 3.33 at the system if possible (12v being spot on isn't a big deal).
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Re: Naomi 2 not booting Atomiswave

Post by Bigbass »

i have similar issue and i wolud like to burn a new pic but i cant find the file for there someone who can upload the hex file? :)
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