Sega analog stick console compatible

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Sega analog stick console compatible

Post by Alex » April 15th, 2017, 7:05 pm

I bought an analog arcade joystick from sega, my plan was to make a dedicated stick with analog support to play ps4/pc games like Disc Jam, Kick off revival, etc.. but my electronic knowledge is basic.
According to what I have read, If I break and open a Dualshock4 the analog pots at X and Y axis have 10 Kohm resistances, while the analog pots in the Sega Stick are 5 Kohm.. what do you recommend or what circuit do I have to build to make it compatible?

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Re: Sega analog stick console compatible

Post by Asayuki » April 20th, 2017, 12:02 am

Never opened a ps4 pad, but pots are used everywhere with one end connected to VCC and the other connected to ground, while the cursor goes to an ADC input of the microcontroller. This kind of connection is used to measure the voltage that comes out of the so created voltage divider. Since the input impedance of the ADC is usually much higher than the pot's resistance, 5kohm instead of 10kohm are probably not going to make any difference to the ADC; and honestly I can't see a technical reason why PS4 engineers should be doing something different from how the rest of the world is doing things.
Therefore I would suggest you just try and replace the ps4 pots as is. In case you really really really need 10k because it does not work otherwise, then you can always add two 2.5kohm resistors in series, one at each end of the pot. In this case however your control would have half the excursion as the original pot does.

I hope this helps.
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