How much heat does it take to damage a pcb?

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How much heat does it take to damage a pcb?

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[Daft question alert]

I'm thinking of putting my 360 into my cab but also having a S-TV pcb in there at the same time.

360's chuck out a fair bit of heat but would this be dangerous in any way to the pcb / carts?

I asked Emph earlier and in general he said a 360 in a cab is fine but I never thought about the pcb side of things.

[/Daft question alert]
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Re: How much heat does it take to damage a pcb?

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Depends on how fragile the PCB is, and whether it is powered up at the same time or not.

If the other PCB is just sitting in there unplugged, then I highly expect the 360 would shut down from overheating long before most PCBs would risk damage. The core chips in an Xbox 360 exceed 60oC when the case temperature is around 35oC (and therefore the ambient temperature even lower).

In the past, I've stored two Xbox 360 padhacks (in a box), a crappy audio amplifier, a scanline generator (these first three items running at the same time), a Naomi motherboard and GD-Rom, and a Capcom I/O (these last two not running) in there at the same time as the Xbox 360 was running full kilt inside an Egret II (with all the hatches shut), and they've not been damaged. Of course, I haven't tested this long term...
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