Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by Parris »

Easier to do it by cab I think

1) Egret II

i) Full strip down
ii) Respray all metal parts, clean up plastic
iii) Attach repro artwork and CP
iv) Check over wiring or harness re the G-Net / SIA masking issue.
v) Fit UK coin mech and adapt coin chute

2) Egret III

i) Clean it and leave it the hell alone as it's working perfectly fine
ii) Oh, 1 minor monitor adjustment
iii) Fit UK coin mech etc

3) Atomiswave

i) Fit UK coin mech etc

4) Naomi 2 driving cab

i) Gut it and rewire the entire cabinet
ii) Obtain ID dashboard, steering mech & servo
iii) Obtain plastic coin tray
iv) Work on some damaged plastic & paint it once filled

5) Naomi SD 1

i) Replace monitor tube (screenburn annoying me)

6) Naomi SD 2

i) Slight filing job on CP lower

7) Naomi UR

i) Mask off and paint the lower areas of the base to get rid of rust spots
ii) Replace coin door and obtain coin drawer

8) Naomi DX

i) Lightbox artwork needs printed off and inserted
ii) Weld a couple of joint on the seat section
iii) Respray seat section

Everything else is pretty much fine right now.
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by DandySephy »

Dandy_Sephy wrote:New list time:
1)Wire up video convertor and some 360 pads to a fingerboard for the Egret II
2)Rotate Naomi uni back to yoko since I'll have the 360 working on the Egret and no longer need a tri-ync vert cab.

3)Touch up the paint on the CP lower/surround while I have it off for rotating
4)Hook up the coin mech
5)Stick Naomi motherboard (and crafty net dimm) back into the Uni so I can bin my **** atx adapter
6)Get a new JVS-Pac
7)Wait for mame pc to arrive

8)Buy some new buttons to finish off these cp's
9)Decide which cab to get a mahjong panel for
10)Wait for Mushi Futari to arrive. Hopefully my 360 fingerboard will be completed by then!
not too bad. I've been playing a naughty copy of Futari while mine is snail mailed from Hong Kong.
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by cools »

Not much left. Here's a "recently done" list:

  • Fixed a ground loop, eliminating the interference on screen. This was resulting from fitting the new Deith PSU.
  • Changed the fixings on the marquee for shiny encapsulated nuts and washers.
  • Sourced new screws for some holes where they were missing.
  • Discovered Mr Sheen general purpose furniture polish is excellent for use on the marquee. Eliminates swirl marks and scratches that show up when it's lit.
  • Mounted the Taito Amp to the back of the PCB mounting board and tidied up the cables.
  • Ordered connectors to correctly finish off the kick harness and amp wiring.
And remaining to do:

  • Tweak the trapezoid on the monitor.
  • Wire up a headphone socket and volume control
  • Remove a terminal block connection inside for a soldered & heatshrunk one.
  • Rebuild and restore.
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by Akuma »

Okay, let's see...
Akuma wrote:Game Room:

1) find a lighting solution
2) tidy it up (and find a place for all the stuff for storage) in the process
3) more posters check

Mame Net City:

1) get a propper 1L6B panel with no card reader, drill 2 extra button holes in it and attach a Andy Geezer Services-MCS Net City overlay semi check - need another overlay, this time with "start" on it
2) raise the PFX so it is flush with the bezel (will get the appropriate bushes by tomorrow though check
3) get a spare base with a propper coin door (one screw didn't come out when painting it and now it is a bit off when you open it) and have it painted better as one side is a bit dull
most importantly in the process
4) install a propper frontend and do the final UI tweaks in the process

New Net City:

1) put it back together - getting the required spare parts tomorrow though ; ) check
1b) get a GD Rom mount, GD rom power splitter cable and Sega SCSI-2 cable check

Super Neo 29 Candy:

1) make up my mind if I want to rewire it to MVS or not
2) paint the bezel, cp upper, maybe cp lower and maybe rest of the body
(optional: Get artwork to convert it to Type II)
3) put a brand new monitor in it

Wooden Mini Megalo:

1) make up my mind if I still want it and if I want to finish this project
Okay, some done as it looks...

New entry:

Astro City 2:

1) finally get the broken screw out of it
2) fill the hole with GFK or PU or whatever it is
3) get it spray painted
4) get new sideart from MCS
5) put it back together
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by ilazul »

I'll be updating my list tomorrow, as I've done a lot and will be adding a lot (new cabs come tomorrow and will undoubtedly need a ton of work).

at least I found 2 new overlays for them. There's nothing as exciting, and frustrating as getting new cabs.
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by Devil Soundwave »

1) Finish harness run
2) Install coin-mech and switch to my OK Baby
3) Rotate OK monitor the other way as it's currently upside down and I have to flip it in the menu.
4) Finalise design for Jamma Splitter
5) Finish putting together the MVS -> JAMMA adapters I started building
6) Cobble together a bunch of 555 based autofire circuits for shmup fans

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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by Leeram »


I'm off to have a go of my new cabs tomorrow tonight. Will arrange transport at some point after Christmas.


Parris wrote:
Leeram wrote: - If I'm still married at this point and can somehow invoke some kind of magic to fit it into my room, buy an I-Robot cab.
Yeah, I can sympathize with that bit...

Good luck with that exhaustive list!
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by Pete »

Get it though the door, next week...;)
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by yiearkungfu »

1: White burn out 2 19" monitors to remove burn in from Robocop and Elevator Action :roll:.
2: Drill the SNK "D" button on both my head to head cabs and buy some plugs so I can switch between Capcom and SNK.
3: Buy MVC2 cart for my NAOMI and sell Power Stone and WWF Wrestefest.
4: Setup my extra NAOMI with Akatsuki Blitzkampf cart.
5: Finally throw down for Samurai Showdown 5 Special.
6: Redo the controls on my SSF2T machine and degauss the screen.
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by Magic Knight »

I've no cabinets, so nothing on that front, but as for PCBs...

Arkanoid/Tournament Arkanoid - I have a spinner soldered directly to Arkanoid, I suppose I should take it off and then make some sort of extension harness and connect the spinner to that.

Burger Time - the sound on this is crackly, first I have to do something about the edge connectors, as they're in an awful state. After that, I'll have to send it away if it doesn't work, as I can't fix it.

Crack Down - I have a NOS disk and chip, just need a working motherboard. No thanks to the plonkers who sold me a broken one as working.

Dangun Feveron - Sold as fully working, I get slight graphical glitches on this, hard to tell what's wrong exactly, looks like RAM's not quite right maybe.

Defender/Stargate - need to do something about these, they work perfectly with my JAMMA adapter, just need a board to drill them to maybe, they take up so much room on the floor.

Dragon Spirit - not yet arrived, but I know it has slight problems.

Green Beret - sometimes doesn't start, gets stuck.

Guwange - graphics slightly messed up on this after repair, awful lot better than it was though.

Karate Champ - I only have one joystick, so I need another for this, I'll just get another controller the same as I have, to allow for two players on every other game (not that I have anyone to play with, but however...)

Rolling Thunder - same as Green Beret, sometimes gets stuck during startup, also occassionally resets.

Splatter House - another game sold as fully working, I've replaced one ROM which fixed some problems, still have graphical problems though.

Forgotten Worlds - need to either get a new spinner for this, or modify my Arkanoid spinner for it, this may require some high-level cogiation and planning. I've seen a few Japanese websites where they describe how to do it, but it's not exactly easy. Otherwise I could wire it up to use buttons, though it's not quite the same.

Maybe I'll get another X68000 monitor, and keep one horizontally aligned and the other vertically.

I've sorted out quite a bit this year: got my Defender, Tapper, Hyper Sports, Guwange and Scramble Spirits fixed, wired up Centipede to a trackball, wired up Arkanoid to a spinner, and a few other bits and pieces.

Sell or dump all of these, maybe a few more, like Ketsui and Death Smiles, which I almost never play and are worth quite a bit:
Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse
Galaga (bootleg)
Power Stone 2
Puzzle Bobble 2
Space Invaders DX
Street Fighter EX

Also sell some MSX machines, games, X68000 games, many other games, hardware etc. to get some money back.

I was thinking of getting a NAOMI GD-ROM drive & 3.3V power supply etc., but I don't think it's worth it really. There's not really enough games I want on GD-ROM.

Buy more old games, I'm looking around for deals on Toy Pop, Sky Kid DX (just got the original version), Gun.Smoke, Time Pilot, I have a long list I update regularly.
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by Gamesmonkey »

This is my short list:

1 Get New Astro City.
2 Rotate my Aero City screen for my vertical games.
3 Need to Find Mr.Heli (Battle Chopper) and In The Hunt.

That's it. :D
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by YZRider926 »

1) Need to fix a couple of 4-Slot MVS boards I have and then probably sell them.
2) Need to fix the monitor on my UMK3 Machine (Veritcal Collapse).
3) Clean up my MKII and UMK3 machines.
4) Restore the Astro and New Astro City's I just got.
5) Shop out my pins, this isn't to big of a deal but should probably get done sometime next year.
6) Repaint and stencil my MVS 4-SLot (Also not that big of a rush to get it done).
7) Sell of some boards and such that I am not using.

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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by Pete »

Initial D single racer:

New sides.
Steering wheel cap.
Say good bye to the oh so bland ID art.
New topper (OR2).
Get repro OR2 art.
Buy Chihiro Type 1.
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by ratson »

A few weeks ago I finally replaced my joysticks,buttons were done a couple months earlier.
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by thebluedino »

For my Astro City:
-Recieve parts from akishop to refurb the sticks and replace the buttons
-Order a new coin slot and oem overlay from AGS
-Strip and refinish the control panel white before applying overlay (may need to epoxy and redrill the holes to fit the oem overlay as well)
-refinish all the metal doors and install the lockset I ordered through YJA
-plastic polish the heck out of the cabinet base
-wire some stereo harnesses
-get the shroud refinished. (also plan getting the original control panel base refinished, and then decide between using that or the clean one i got from YJA)
-replace the bulb/starter/whatever it takes to get light running correctly (right now I just have a couple ikea non lights tossed in there)
-Buy a backup monitor to horde in case mine blows following the global CRT shortage :lol:
-Buy a repro decal set in case I ever develop OCD and become unhappy with the few tiny scrapes on my existing decals
Future plans:
-Buy another Astro City to use as a dedicated vertical cab
-Find a monitor-less Astro City, sell most of my console sticks, buy a multisync HD monitor, somehow fabricate an appropriate bezel, wire the cab for
combination JVS & console use. (this is 'sacreligious' I'm sure but I enjoy some of the newer HD fighting games and would much rather have an HD
Astro City than a Vewlix
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by Dilandau »

For the Windy
1)Finish recapping/ fixing chassis.
2)Cross fingers.
3)Polish scratches out of monitor.
4)Repair Control Panel wiring.
5)Vector CPO.
6)Maybe make CPO for Mahjong.
7)Replace sticks and buttons on Control Panel.

For the Astro
1)Clean up monitor.
2)Replace Harness.
3)Get Control Panel looms from AGS.

1)Replace Naomi Mobo fans.
2)Replace CPS2 Mobo fans.
3)Replace Batteries in AVP and VS2.
4)Recap MVS one slot.
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by ilazul »

I'm now at

1. Battery Swap on Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
2. Still need to fix up that impress control panel
3. Need to order replacement feet for 3 cabs
4. Still need to link the mini cutes (metal working friend has been busy)
5. Progear Battery Swap
6. Install kick harness on pink mini cute
7. Replace a LCD credit display on MVU-4
8. Get a Memory card reader/ headphones board for a MVU-4

1. Repaint Monitor shrouds and bezels
2. Rewire cabs for 2 Players, one with a 4th button for cave and one with a cps-2 kick harness for a naomi set up
3. Track down another non repro control panel (not overlay) for the second astro
4. Get repro side art for both astros
5. Gather another GD-ROM + Dimm + capcom I/O for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
6. Possibly replace a power supply
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by BrunoPanda »

Hello Everyone.

Im new to the forum, nice to meet you.
Im from switzerland.

For my arcade ``to do`` or ``to get`` checklist is:
Im new to arcades so for me, i will get me this year a new net city cab with street fighter 3 3rd Strike Version A. Now this post from me is also a please help post. I just now spoke/chat with a sales man/woman from and aks them for an offer. What i want is a, new net city cab with a monitor capable of 15/24/31Khz. With a 2 player control panel six buttons for each palyer all from Sanwa. It should have an upgrade so that is possible to put up these hardware: Atomiswave, Capcom CPS I.II.III, Namco System 12, Naomi I/II GD Rom, Naomi I/II Rom Board, Neo Geo MVS, PCB, System 246/ 256 and Taito Type X.
What do i need? is it a JVS to Jamma ? I`m asking like that beacuse i am a newbie to it and i dont really know allot or better i dont know one thing about Arcades just that i want one and need to get me one :lol:
I have to say, the next ``need to do`` or ``need to get`` is Mushihimesama Futari Version 1.5 (please dont hit me i just dont know if i wrote it right.) I have it on Playstation and fell in love with it from the first time i played it. A other question is, is it safe to order from coinopexpress i just know them who sale arcade stuff. Any links to others retailer/seller i would apreciate. So thats enough for now from me, for any help i say already thank you.

Best Regards
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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by Leeram »

Updating my list

- Remove existing Cinematronics Space Ace cab -check
- Arrange a trip to London -check
- When I get back insert newly acquired Atari Space Ace into freed up space - check
- Cut about 3 foot out of my desk space - check
- Insert Atari Dragon's lair into new space -check
- Finish selling everything I have that's not PCB related -just games left and some 8-bitters
- Replace t-moulding and covering on parts of the Cinematronics cab - No need, machine got smashed up
- Fit new, signed by Don Bluth, marquee and control panel - no need machine got smashed up
- Sell Cinematronics Space Ace - Check, but the machine got smashed up in a crash on the way to the buyers!
- Remove empty shelving where existing 8-bit consoles are (because they'll have been sold hopefully) - NBo Need, not enough cabs yet so I don;t need the space
- Buy a candy cab, orientate it vertically - Check (Egret 2)
- Insert candy cab into newly created space. - Expected in a week or 2
- Using Time Lord TARDIS mathematics work out how to fit a second candy cab into my room - No need, Egret 2 rotates
- Buy second candy cab, orientate it horizontally - No Need, Egret 2 rotates
- Hopefully I'm still married at this point but I'm not too confident about that - Just about still married
- Buy Ketsui, insert into CAB - not done yet
- Buy DDP DFK, Espgaluda 2, Mishihimesama Futari, Salamander - I have DDP DFJ and Salalamander
- Mount my existing Hyper Sports into Hori Cab - Won't be done, will either use with egret 2 or buy dedicated cab
- Buy Ghosts N Goblins, Rastan Saga and Strider on PCB - Got Rastan Saga but not yet received it
- If I'm still married at this point and can somehow invoke some kind of magic to fit it into my room, buy an I-Robot cab. -no where near this yet!



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Re: Your Arcade "To Do" Checklist

Post by cools »

Ooh. Update:
  • Vector Lordsvale MVS CPO
  • Decide whether to stick to green or use Neo red when getting Lordsvale MVS CPO and sideart printed
  • Get Lordsvale MVS CPO and side art printed
  • Fit Lordsvale MVS CPO and side art
  • Sell Lordsvale MVS?
  • Secret stuff :shh:
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