Under appreciated arcade gems

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Re: Under appreciated arcade gems

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Dead connection is top 20 material for me, easy.

I *really* wish it was 4player, though. Seems like a missed opportunity. Other than that niggle, I have no complaints on it.

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Re: Under appreciated arcade gems


Crude Buster. Best beat 'em up of all time (personal opinion) where you can grab enemies and parts of the scenery to throw at or maim other baddies with. There's no mucking about with moving up and down to find a better angle to approach enemies. Instead, it's the the enemies that are constantly coming for you from all directions. The multiple skills the player's characters have (attacking, jumping, climbing, rolling, grabbing and throwing) and the level design that constantly keeps you aware of the environment and your resources that makes the game so special. Compared to other beat 'em ups with platforms everything is BIGGER and GRABBIER. :whoopsie:
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