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Re: Aka & Blue Type R

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Exa boxes are several microns thicker than CV1000 boxes. Unacceptable.
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Re: Aka & Blue Type R

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nem wrote:
July 6th, 2020, 11:38 am
Sure, I wouldn't trust the guy that has 30+ bil on the game either.

Also, you don't know how a Time Sleuth or Leo Bodnar work. You can't test input lag in a game with them. They're just for display lag.

I'm pretty sure we were on point, because exA first party devs have taken the issue very seriously. I'm positive both Gimmick and SDOJ exA Label will perform really well. AtB is what it is.

Anyway, I'm done on this matter. Please continue discussing cardboard quality. It seems to be this forum's area of expertise.
I'm sorry if you interpreted my comments as a personal attack. That wasn't the intent.

I'm well aware how the Time Sleuth and the Leo Bodnar lag testers work. I'm well aware that they measure display lag. Notice that I also mentioned using "LEDs"; I should've been clearer on that point. What people typically do is use a CRT + LEDs wired to controllers to set a baseline for input delay, then go on to test various digital/LCD displays with the same LED-wired-to-controller device.

As they say: trust, but verify. It's entirely possible (likely?) you're right on the money, but I would like to see someone perform objective assessments, given the varying claims being tossed around regarding this hardware and its software. Cheers.
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