First game you 1CC’d?

Coin-operated games and arcades.
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by youngmoney »

Console: Strikers 1945 (Saturn)
Arcade: Elevator Action Returns (F3)
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by buffi »

Metal Slug, probably about 10 years ago.
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by kuze »

First memorable one for me was Futari
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by cocoron »

Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie (Super Famicom)
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By Spectre
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by Spectre »

Double Dragon, 1993, in a little arcade on holiday in sunny norfolk, I was 13 and it was an "old" game by then. Just walked up, 10p in, was amazed to 1cc it. Not sure if the difficulty setting had been lowered or something, I'd never played the arcade version before but knew what I was doing from hammering the gameboy version. The final level with the **** coming out of the walls nearly did me (this is from memory, I've never played it again since), but the rest had been plain sailing. :awe:
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by waiwainl »

R-Type on my ZX Spectrum, took me the whole weekend :awe:
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by Rocco »

Art of Fighting I think
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by Awbacon »

Managed to 1CC Splatterhouse for Halloween
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by Nonik »

When I was young tetris.

Since I'm collector... Armed police batrider :)
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by Sunder »

Metal Slug X, only game I ever 1ccd.
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by Moomootown »

For me either Splatterhouse or Ghosts N Goblins - Most likely to be Splatterhouse, circa 1990 ish - the two games were next to each other in the local arcade
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Re: First game you 1CC’d?

Post by pcenginefanx »

It'd have to be Capcom's HyperDyne Sidearms running on a Dynamo upright cab back in 1988 -- it was rather a 2CC affair at best since I'd reach the Bozon end-game boss but it'd require a second quarter to finish it off for good. The first time I saw it in action was at the Santa Clara based Great America amusement park back in April of 1987.

PC Engine Fan X! ^_~
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