Any Videotronics UK Vewlix wwners?

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Any Videotronics UK Vewlix wwners?

Postby Nostromo » March 20th, 2017, 10:14 am

Having abandoned my original plan to get a Candy Cab, I am currently considering going the Vewlix route. Although I do afford an original Vewlix cabinet, what really puts me off buying one, is the availability (or rather, the lack of) and insane price one has to pay for a replacement monitor (it seems they cost 1100 Euro + shipping + import tax, way too much for my wallet). I would want the investment to last even if the monitor goes tits up, but not if a replacement costs an insane amount of money.

So second option would be getting a Chinese Vewlix clone from Videotronics UK. I've been trying to find a review but did not manage, so I wondering if anyone here owns one, and can tell me a bit about the build quality, picture and audio. And perhaps if there are any issues with it?

Thanks guys :)

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