Pana Custom video sync issues

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Pana Custom video sync issues

Post by vholfx »

Hi guys,

I just bought a Pana Custom supergun and I'm noticing most games I'm trying have sync issues (they all work ok on my Blast City cab). The video input (NTSC) screen message appears over and over, like it's trying to sync constantly.

I'm using s-video output (composite suffers the same issue). I've been hinted it might be a faulty video board, I'm really hoping it is not. I checked the voltage and it's a steady 5v.

Any ideas?

Here are some pictures.
WhatsApp Image 2019-11-21 at 21.25.35.jpeg
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Re: Pana Custom video sync issues

Post by penrhos »

If you pop the top off there are some switches on the video pcb fro ntsc/pal try changing the settings on them, there are some pots on the rear and on the pcb they adjust sync saturation etc so be careful how you adjust them.
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