Some Sigma AV5000 Questions (RGB SCART, etc)

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Some Sigma AV5000 Questions (RGB SCART, etc)

Postby dos » March 11th, 2016, 5:17 pm

I finally have an AV5000 coming to me after a long time wanting a supergun, I just have a few questions I hope you guys can help me out with. I'm not the most technically skilled guy, I'm really just all about playing games so I'm sorry if these seem like dumb questions.

My setup right now has me running all my consoles through RGB SCART to one of these RGB->Component boxes which then goes to one of two consumer CRT TVs, one yoko and one in tate. One of the TVs is a 27" Sony Trinitron Wega (tate) and the other is a 27" Toshiba who-knows-what (yoko). Most of the PCBs I'll be using will be vertical, so the gun will mainly be hooked to the Sony. Everything is NTSC, I'm in the US.

My first question is simply: Do you think I'll run into any problems running my AV5000 through RGB SCART to this setup? Is there anything I'm missing?

Now for part two: the AV5000 coming to me doesn't come with a euro SCART cable, so I googled around and found they were being sold here: ... cart-cable

But out of stock. Some more searching led me to this eBay auction for a "Sigma RGB SCART cable" but with no model specified:

I jumped on it, so one is on it's way to me. Now I'm going back to the first website and looking around and I see this, a different cable for other Sigma models: ... cart-cable

It looks like there's two different types of Sigma RGB cable for different models, but everything I've read tells me that all sigmas have the same cable. Now I'm wondering if the cable I ordered might not play well with my model as retrogamingcables has a separate cable for AV3K&5K and another for virtually every other Sigma. What's going on here, should I cancel my order?

Finally I'd just like to ask people familiar with these control boxes to share any warnings or tips a first time user might not be aware of. I'll be mostly using simple older STG boards like Aerofighters and Sky Shark (I'm broke, OK :D ) and maybe getting an MVS motherboard (probably MV-1C) as I have a few MVS carts around.

Thank you guys, I only just joined but I've been lurking here for a while and it's been a great resource!
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Re: Some Sigma AV5000 Questions (RGB SCART, etc)

Postby Chempop » March 13th, 2016, 3:32 am

Howdy dos, welcome to the forum and congrats on the sigma. I had a AV7000 before going nuts with cabs, but only used s-vid at the time so I'm not sure about the scart. Just keep in mind that there are JP (21?) pin RGB cables that look the same as the EU scart. That YUV convertor thing probably takes the EU style if it's like the one I have (just glanced at your link though, might want to double check).

As for tips, I'll say what i tell anyone starting off with arcade hardware: Get a multi-meter and remember to test your voltage, don't want to fry any beloved PCBs :geek:

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